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At ONETECH, we have over 10 years of experience in delivering exceptional XR applications and other software solutions such as website systems, mobile apps, AI, and IoT. Our client portfolio includes over 70 satisfied customers from Japan and Vietnam, with 250+ completed projects that have received high praise and satisfaction. We take pride in showcasing some of our most prominent development projects, which are a testament to the expertise of our OneTech Asia team!

XR Development

XR Development (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality)
We have been involved in XR application development since 2016 with many achievements and successful research projects that support business and generate revenue for customers. At our company, advanced devices such as HoloLens 2, Magic Leap, Meta Quest/Rift, HTV Vive, Pico4, Nreal.. along with the latest technologies such as image recognition by artificial intelligence. , WebRTC , WebAR , ARKit , ARCore technology along with advanced AR Framework combining cloud, 3DCG... we have done more than 80 successful projects for customers.

Research and development of VR exercise applications on bicycles combined with live images/videos. Kinect recognizes the pedals of the exercise bike and the face. Link the pedal rotation speed and playback speed on the video.

In 2017, we created a VR hotel room creation app, using Unity technology and running on Smart Phone. Hotels can easily through the application create and manage 360-degree sightseeing maps of the hotel or each room in the hotel.

This is a basic VR training application in the field of fire protection. The application will simulate a fire situation in a school library and guide users to handle fire situations properly according to fire safety regulations.

ONETECH has produced a 3DCG simulation application of the human body for the National Medical University of Japan. The application shows the movement of internal organs (lungs, diaphragm, heart, and ribs) of adults, women, and children. Animating each model with synchronized breathing and heartbeat is a complicated task for developers.

The application made to show the operation of medical equipment in hospitals or medical centers. This app uses AR (Augmented Reality) to show how medical devices work on iPads. It scans the device and displays its parameters and buttons. Users can tap on the AR buttons to learn about their functions and usage instructions.

During the Covid-19 epidemic, traveling and communicating with each other at work will also face many difficulties and limitations. Therefore, the demand for remote work is increasing. VR meeting application was born and received a lot of positive feedback as well as a response from customers to improve productivity at meetings and support more diverse working styles.

Web development

We have experience all stages of web development on Aws, Azure, Google Cloud.
We offer a full-cycle web development service with presentation layer/front-end technologies such as HTML/CSS, Javascript, AngularJS, VueJS, ReactJS and back-end development using PHP (WordPress/Laravel), NodeJs, .NET, Java and more. We also have experience in set-up, web server configuration on Aws, Azure, Google Cloud. We have successfully designed and developed more than 200 web applications to meet all our clients‘ needs.

Our project of building an E-commerce website and web system with the WooCommerce plugin of WordPress has successfully addressed our clients' issues and provided an effective solution for their business.

OneTech has developed a web platform that allows products to be displayed online and quotes to be issued to B2B customers. Our project plans to upgrade to a 3D online system in the future. We support our clients from the planning and proposal stages to successful business operations.

We have developed a platform for distributing online educational videos and issuing world-standard digital certificates using AWS Serverless technology. Our system is capable of accommodating tens of thousands of concurrent users.

OneTech has upgraded and completely built a large website system for artists and influencers in Japan. The system allows members to manage and distribute their high quality videos on the internet including live broadcasts and video playback.

This is an integrated system with the real estate website that allows customers to tour the model house with VR 360 content right on the website before buying a house. Users walk around their house and observe from many different angles and locations as if they were directly there.

We have developed GROWUPWORK.COM, a website that connects Vietnamese engineers with Japanese companies. Vietnamese job seekers can apply to companies they like. Japanese companies can register for job postings on Japanese companies' websites.

Software Development

Get More Efficient IT with Expert Outsourcing at OneTech Asia
We have a wealth of experience in developing over 80 companies, over 200 applications, and over 70 websites since 2015. For more than 8 year experience in providing software outsourcing development services and leverage high technologies and advanced processes from the head quarter and currently, OneTech Asia is one of leading outsourcing companies in Vietnam. We offer flexible services from consulting, designing, implementing, operation and maintaining systems with different domains, especially manufacturing, warehouse, e-commerce and multimedia.

Application developed for a famous construction company in Japan, a remote working support system real time in construction . The application allows users to converse on-the-spot using their smartphones' brilliant cameras while relaying live video.

This is a project to integrate parts management systems in the manufacturing industry. Developed integration of warehouse management system (WMS), EC system and inventory management system in C#, .NET and ORACLE. Web system development.

We have developed a system for creating certification exams. You can define test content, question settings, and scores. The system can support simultaneous access for more than 2000 people.

OneTech started doing various tasks to learn and develop applications for Softbank's Pepper Robot. Below is the research and development of a voice recognition chat application through AI. At the same time, it will execute commands or interact with the user to clarify more information through direct voice, similar to a chatbot application.

ONETECH develops an application to remotely measure the length of an object using Intel's LiDAR sensor. Depth information is measured with the Intel RealSense LiDAR L515 camera, and the UNITY application displays length. Apple first added LiDAR to the iPhone lineup in the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max camera systems.

We have released the Japanese Business Manner Level 4 application product on both iOS/Android platforms to help Vietnamese friends. When working with Japanese companies, Vietnamese people can understand their culture to work more efficiently. The Japan Business Competence Certification Association approved and released the official application in April 2018.


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